Wednesday, June 22, 2011

bad morning

the #2 bus i was on this morning was in an accident. the bus was somewhat full with some standing and a passenger on a wheelchair. i had a funny inkling when the wheelchair person boarded the bus being pushed by a man. instead of strapping the wheelchair, the man put the manual brakes and stood behind the wheelchair holding onto it. we were halfway across Powell St when the bus driver braked and chaos ensued. a woman who was standing fell down and somebody started wailing big time. a car had cut off the bus and was literally kissing the bus' bumper. people on the bus were getting irate and talking excitedly and the woman on the wheelchair was wailing away. one man really wanted to get off the bus due to a doctor's appointment and was about to break the back door. the bus driver was quite calm and i could hear him talking to dispatch that there was an accident and that an ambulance was needed. me, i just wanted to get off the bus and get to work. the bus driver finally opened the back door and we were able to get off and on to the #3 bus.

amid the chaos on the other bus, i thought this bus ride would be calmer. was i wrong about that. an older person walking with a cane boarded the bus through the back door and sat down in the back. while the bus was moving, he decided that he wanted to sit in the front area and hit my head with his cane which he was holding in the midair whilst holding onto to the bar walking. instead of getting upset, i just felt sorry for the man as he didn't seem to be altogether. meanwhile, the bus driver was yelling at him to sit down for his own safety.

hopefully, the rest of day will be uneventful.


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